Brawker Switches to Multi-Sig Transactions

brawker“The overall security level for all Brawker users has just gone up,” reads Brawker’s latest blog post.

Brawker is a service that matches up a bitcoiner who wants to buy something online with their bitcoins and a credit card holder who wants bitcoins. The credit card holder buys the product and gets bitcoins in return. The bitcoin user gets a discount of up to 20% on the product they want.

Following the decentralized design that characterizes Bitcoin, Brawker has just switched to multi-signature transactions. If you’ve used Brawker before, this new implementation isn’t going to make your experience using the platform any different, but this under the hood change is a huge one.

Here is a short video that demonstrates how the new implementation works:

If you are already familiar with multi-sig transactions, awesome. If not, Bitcoin Magazine Co-founder and Etherium developer, Vitalik Buterin, further explains the concept of multi-signature transactions in one of his articles:

“In a Bitcoin account, there is a set of 34-character Bitcoin addresses, like 1JwSSubhmg6iPtRjtyqhUYYH7bZg3Lfy1T, that you can use to receive bitcoins, and each address has an associated 64-character private key, in this case c4bbcb1fbec99d65bf59d85c8cb62ee2db963f0fe106f483d9afa73bd4e39a8a, that can be used to spend bitcoins that are sent to the address. Private keys need to be kept safe and only accessed when you want to sign a transaction, and Bitcoin addresses can be freely handed out to the world. And that’s how Bitcoin wallets are secured. If you can keep the single private key safe, everything’s fine; if you lose it the funds are gone, and if someone else gains access to it your funds are gone too – essentially, the exact same security model that we have with physical cash, except a thousand times more slippery… In a traditional Bitcoin account, as described above, you have Bitcoin addresses, where each address has one associated private key that grants the keyholder full control over the funds… With multisignature addresses, you can have a Bitcoin address with three associated private keys, such that you need any two of them to spend the funds…”


On this new system change, Brawker CEO, Cyril Houri comments:  “I think that our implementation of multi-signature transaction is an important development. It makes Brawker a fully decentralized marketplace where people can buy from any ecommerce merchant with Bitcoin and other people can purchase some bitcoins as easily as they would buy something on Amazon or any other online retailer. With this implementation Brawker becomes a simple matchmaker between the two parties involved in the transaction. This offers the guarantee that Brawker will never lose its customer funds as it is never holding the customer funds.”

In effect, the funds that belong to someone who wants to use Brawker to buy something are much safer. If Brawker were was to get hacked, users’ funds would not be affected since they are on the blockchain, and not in the hands of a third party. So now, the transaction is controlled by at least two of three participants: the Buyer, the Spender, and Brawker– the escrow agent. Brawker intervenes only to act as the arbitrator in a dispute. The transaction can be monitored on the blockchain.

With businesses in the Bitcoin space following the trend of decentralization, the users will begin to experience levels of security that are not feasible with some decentralized systems.

Will traditional businesses catch on to this?


Bitcoin Magazine

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How to Shop Your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin wallets keep the exclusive tricks that you should access a bitcoin address as well as spend your funds. They are available in different types, made for different types of device. You can even make use of paper storage space. It is necessary to safeguard and back up your bitcoin budget.

Bitcoins are a modern matching of money, and every day, another merchant approves them as repayment. We understand exactly how they are generated, and also exactly how a bitcoin transaction works, however just how are they stored? We keep money in a wallet, as well as bitcoin works in a comparable method.

Although you don’t practically shop bitcoins anywhere. Exactly what you keep are the safe electronic tricks to access your public bitcoin addresses as well as indicator transactions. This details is kept in a bitcoin purse.

Bitcoin pocketbooks come in a range of forms. There are 3 major kinds of wallet: desktop computer, mobile, and also internet. Right here’s exactly how they function.
Desktop computer Bitcoin Pocketbooks

If you have already installed the initial bitcoin customer (Bitcoin-Qt), then you are running a pocketbook, however might not even know it. In addition to passing on transactions on the network, this software application additionally allows you to develop a bitcoin address for sending and getting the virtual money, and also to save the exclusive secret for it. There are other desktop computer wallets, as well, all with different features. Multibit operate on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Hive is an OSX-based wallet with some distinct attributes, consisting of an application store that hooks up straight to bitcoin solutions, although at the time of writing, this purse is still in beta testing. Some desktop wallets are customized for security. Depot falls into this group. Others focus on anonymity. DarkWallet– an item still in advancement– will focus on privacy, making use of a light-weight internet browser plug-in to offer solutions including coin ‘blending’ through which individuals’ coins are exchanged for others’, to stop individuals tracking them.

On Your Mobile Phone

Desktop-based pocketbooks are all effectively, however they aren’t quite beneficial if you are out on the road, attempting to spend for something in a physical establishment. This is where a mobile purse comes in convenient. Running as an app on your mobile phone, the purse could keep the private keys for your bitcoin addresses, and also allow you to spend for points directly with your phone. Sometimes, a bitcoin wallet will certainly even capitalize on a mobile phone’s close to field communication (NFC) attribute, allowing you to touch the phone versus a reader, as well as pay with bitcoins without needing to enter into any type of details in any way.

One common feature of mobile pocketbooks is that they are not complete bitcoin clients. A complete bitcoin client needs to download the whole bitcoin block chain, which is always increasing and is numerous gigabytes in size. That could possibly get you into a lot of trouble with your mobile provider, that will be only also happy to send you a sizable expense for downloading over a mobile web link. Lots of phones would not be able to hold the block chain in their memory, in any case.

As an alternative, these mobile customers are commonly created with simplified repayment confirmation (SPV) in mind. They download and install an extremely little part of the block chain, and also rely on other, relied on nodes in the bitcoin network to make certain that they have the appropriate info.

Instances of mobile wallets include the Android-based Bitcoin wallet, Mycelium, and also Blockchain (which keeps your bitcoins encrypted on your phone, as well as supported on an online web server). Some have special functions special to them. Kipochi, as an example, lets folks use their phone numbers as their bitcoin addresses. Apple is infamously paranoid about bitcoin purses. Blockchain states that its iOS pocketbook model has actually restricted attributes, and Coinbase had its mobile budget application drew from the application establishment altogether.

Online Bitcoin Budgets

Web-based wallets keep your private tricks online, on a computer managed by another person as well as connected to the Net. Numerous such on the internet solutions are readily available, as well as some of them link to mobile and also desktop budgets, duplicating your addresses in between various gadgets that you have.

One benefit of an online pocketbook is that you could access it from anywhere, no matter which tool you are making use of. However, it also has a significant drawback: unless carried out correctly, it could place the organisation running the internet site in charge of your personal secrets, essentially taking your bitcoins out of your command. That’s a scary idea, particularly if you begin accruing great deals of bitcoins. Coinbase, an integrated wallet/bitcoin vendor operates its on-line pocketbook globally however only permits people to get bitcoins in the US. Blockchain additionally hosts an online budget, as well as Strongcoin provides exactly what it calls a hybrid budget, which permits you secure your exclusive address keys prior to sending them to its servers, by securing it in the browser.

Are Bitcoin Pocketbooks Safe?

It depends how you handle them. The personal tricks saved in your purse are the only way to access the purchase information kept in a bitcoin address. If you shed them, you shed your bitcoins. So, they are only risk-free inasmuch as no one else can access them, and also they do not obtain shed.
So Just how Can I Protect My Budget?

There are many means to make your bitcoin purse more safe:

Encrypt it

One means to shield your budget from prying eyes is to secure it with a sturdy password. This makes it tough to access your budget, however not impossible. If your computer is endangered by malware, thieves can log your keystrokes to discover your password.

Back it Up

If you simply have your exclusive secrets stored in one budget, then if you lose that budget or it acquires damaged, then you have actually shed your tricks. Backing up your budget makes a copy of your personal secrets, but it is essential to support your entire budget. Some addresses are utilized to keep modification from transactions, as well as may not be shown to you by default. Back the entire factor up in several different places, and keep them safe from spying eyes.

Take it Offline

If you are too stressed to keep your bitcoin tricks digitally, for fear that they may be stolen by cyberpunks, there is one more alternative: chilly storage space. Cold weather storage space pocketbooks store private bitcoin keys offline, to ensure that they can’t be stolen by somebody else online.

It’s a great idea to make use of chilly storage for the mass of your bitcoin fortune, as well as transfer merely a little to separate bitcoin addresses in a ‘hot’ wallet with a Web connection, making it easy to spend. By doing this, even if your cellphone is lost, or the warm pocketbook on your notebook PC is eliminated during a hard disk drive collision, just a small amount of bitcoin money goes to threat.

Numerous software program bitcoin budgets include a chilly storage option. Or, you could go completely analog, and just utilize paper for offline storage space through a paper purse.

There are numerous websites supplying paper bitcoin purse services. They will certainly produce a bitcoin address for you and create a photo having 2 QR codes: one is everyone address that you can use to obtain bitcoins. The various other is the private trick, which you can make use of to invest bitcoins stored at that address.
The Future of Bitcoin Storage

Some people are establishing equipment budgets which are designed to hold personal keys online and promote payments. Trezor and also Mycelium are 2 key players. Nonetheless, since November 2013 neither of them had actually supplied products.

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