Dynamics Gp Test Environment Installation, Loading With Data Sets

Dynamics Gp Test Environment Installation, Loading With Data Sets
If you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics with moderate or heavy customization planned, test server and environment are recommended. Custom programming requires testing scripts and software quality assurance activities. Technically it is possible to consider some QA against the data, available in Lesson Company. However, the software programming nature needs alpha, beta and final product release to be tried against the copy of the production company. Lets review the steps to install the staging data set. This paper might look a bit technical and Great Plains terminology oriented. We recommend also have MS SQL DBA or consultant to be available. If you do not have SQL administration expertise, consider contracting this job to your GP VAR (they have certification requirement to carry SQL Administrator in staff). After this small introduction, lets move on to details:

1.Installing Client Application on the test server (with SQL Server side scripts). You can work directly on the Server (dedicated to be test one), or assign one Windows 7 (Vista or XP) workstation, where client interface could be loaded. If you already have production environment (assuming that modification project is considered to be rolled out in the phase two, when standard version of this Corporate ERP is already implemented in the first phase), be sure that you applied the same service pack, as in production. Apply Service pack prior to launching Utilities

2.Companies placeholders creation. Here need to be sure, that you understand GL Account Segmentation (maximum length and number of segments). Launch Utilities and create companies with exactly the same DB Names (company database name)

3.Loading placeholder companies from production companies backup. Here you need help from your MS DBA. This is typically done in MS SQL Server Management Studio. You also need to load Dynamics (or ERP system) database from production backup

4.User Security transfer. If you search knowledge base on the Customer Source (or Partner Source), there is article on how to move user logins and passwords from production environment (with SQL 2008 and 2005 there are complications with advanced password and user ID options, password transfer is only guaranteed is you name test environment server exactly the same as its production counterpart; this is why we recommend you to transfer all the user ID and simply reset passwords for each user via GP interface)

5.Management Reporter or FRx. Dynamics ERP Management Reporter is client server application, meaning that reports are generated and stored on the SQL Server DB level. Old-good-days FRx generates reports, based on its metadata (Microsoft Access file FRxRpts.f32 default specification set)

6.Modifier with VBA files transfer from production environment. There are files with .DIC extension in Dynamics.set file for each modified dictionary. Plus, if you are deploying VBA scripts, look for the .VBA extension files in the GP user workstation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP), such as Dynamics.VBA. These files should be copied into your test workstation folder

7.Dexterity Customizations and ISV Add-ons. ISV solutions need to be also loaded on the test user interface. If your custom programming is planned to be performed in Microsoft Dexterity, copy its export (so-called chink file)

8.Report Writer Reports.DIC. You need to be sure that your test box has the same pointing to the modified reporting dictionary (check Dynamics.set file in the production environment and if required copy Reports.DIC and other modified Add-ons associated dictionaries)

9.Crystal, Excel, MS Access and other reports transfer. Please, note that this procedure deviates from standard Great Plains installation practice (as CR or other popular tools are generic ones and you have flexibility and associated responsibility to install them according to your experience)

10.Integration Manager. If you need to have this tool tested, please open it in production workstation, then in menu: Tools -> Options, record Default Integration Manager Database location. Then, copy the file, recorded above to the staging environment and install IM with the switch to its database accordingly

11.Customization Upgrade Projects. Here you need to have source code for the earlier version. If it was done in Great Plains Dexterity, please be sure that you got Dynamics.DIC (or Extract.DIC) file from your original Dexterity programmer. If you do not have these files, this might be a big problem, as when Dexterity chunk is integrated, the created dictionary doesnt have source Sanscript codes (they are stripped out)

12.Older Version versus Recent versions of Great Plains user workstation installation. With the introduction of Microsoft Installer (where you can add GP new modules and components directly from your computer Control Panel Add or Remove Software), some flexibility was lost. For example, in older version (where Windows Installer was not used) you could simply install GP from old version CD (or the same version as in production but without applying Service Packs). Modern Windows Installer keeps the track on the installed applications (and service packs), and copying over (from production Program Files to test Program Files) is not an option

13.Notes on FRx compatibility or incompatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 64 bit platform. FRx is in phasing out, beginning with version 10.0 and 2010/11.0. New development (in the form of FRx Service packs) is not planned for GP (latest frozen version is 6.7 with Service pack 11). Microsoft Management Reporter is supporting 64 bit platform by its technology. There seems to be reliable migration toll from FRx to MMR. If you are large organization, we recommend you to try test migration (MMR is only one plus few months old product, as we are writing these lines in April 2011)

14.OLE Notes. In order to deploy OLE Container Notes, please open your Dex.ini file on the user workstation, and change its location to the server UNC (we assume here that in your production environment you are deploying OLE notes on the server via UNC Path or mapped driver)

15.If you feel that your concerns are not addressed or your question is not answered, please feel free to contact our office. Support domestically in the USA, Canada, Mexico and internationally. This option is possible via Web Sessions, Skype or Phone conferences and direct visits onsite (in the case of the large scale project). Our consulting team speaks English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino. Feel free to call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, or email help@efaru.com

Andrew Karasev is Great Plains Certified Master, MVP, help@efaru.com 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904. He is also the initiator of eFaru project http://www.efaru.com and founder of Alba Spectrum information space

CD Storage Cases To Protect Your Data

CD Storage Cases To Protect Your Data

With the world becoming increasingly tech savvy, the compact disk, or CD is an electronic contraption that is being used in most houses and offices to store data. However, their utility is somewhat diminished when data gets lost or spoilt due to improper handling and storage of these fragile CDs. However, the mechanical world has found a solution to such problems as well, presented to us in the form of a variety of CD storage cases. Proper covers are necessary to protect CDs from dust, scratches and breaking.

There are various kinds of CD storage cases available in markets that cater to the needs of all CD users, in the terms of capacity, design and price. The original CD cover, when it first came into use was the Jewel CD case, which is still popular, particularly in the marketing of movies, music and software. It is usually a three part plastic case, with opposing flaps hinged together to form a casing. Typically, Jewel CD case holds no more than two discs. Though, the design is such that a CD is protected from scratching, such CD storage cases tend to be rather delicate and breakable.

A somewhat later innovation in disk storage was marked by the introduction of the ‘Discwheel’. Discwheels are circular plastic CD storage cases which allow for the disk to be rotated manually.  Variants of this CD covering are the Snap Case and Soft/Green Case.

For the purpose of mass storage, plastic bulk packages called ‘Spindles’ are used. Also known as ‘Cake Boxes’, these comprise of a circular base with a cylindrical tube in the center which is used to hold stacks of CDs. It is covered by a clear cup-like open cylinder which is slightly bigger than the CD.

These spindles can hold up to 72 or more, depending upon the size required by the user.

Apart from these, elaborate compact CD storage cases with varying storage capacities have been developed by independent companies for storing CDs that do not have covers. These come in many designs that use sliding or hinge mechanisms so that many CDs can be stored within a compressed space.

So the next time you’re about to purchase the perfect pink laptop case for your beloved laptop or something similar, think about protecting the data in the coverless CDs you will run on it, and purchase a suitable CD storage case for the same.

The author is an expert in the domain of computer storage devices, and is therefore familiar with the different types of CD storage cases


Big Data & Analytics

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Cognitive Computing

cognitive computing

IBM Watson chief departs to join Silicon Valley venture fund

By  February 20, 2014: 11:59 AM ET

Exclusive: Former Watson Solutions GM Manoj Saxena takes his cognitive computing expertise to The Entrepreneur’s Fund.


FORTUNE — Three years ago, IBM’s (IBM) Watson made its public debut on the television game show Jeopardy!, where it beat its human competition. Since then, the game show-playing supercomputer has branched out to other pursuits — trying to serve the more serious needs of the health care and financial services industries, for example. Now, one of its biggest advocates is branching out, too.

Manoj Saxena, the former general manager of IBM’s Watson Solutions, led commercialization efforts of the company’s once-gimmicky machine. Fortune has learned that the executive (and former startup founder) has left IBM to join The Entrepreneur’s Fund, a Silicon Valley-based venture firm that primarily invests in early-stage enterprise software companies. Naturally, Saxena will be leading investments in so-called cognitive computing apps, especially those built on the Watson data analytics platform.

“As an entrepreneur, I have learned to look around the corners,” says Saxena, now managing director at The Entrepreneur’s Fund. “This whole convergence of mobile, social, big data, cloud, and analytics, it’s the perfect storm coming together for a whole new class of applications.”

MORE: IBM’s ‘Watson’ makes its first investment

Despite his new role, Saxena will still serve as an advisor to Michael Rhodin, the senior VP now in charge of IBM’s Watson Group. He’ll also co-fund many of IBM’s investments (the tech giant recently announced its own $100 million Watson-focused fund) and vice-versa. Saxena and IBM have already made their first bet on a Denver-based health care management company called Welltok. The idea is to connect employees with corporate wellness plans by tapping into Watson’s ability to read “millions of pages of data within seconds” and improve “its own performance by learning.”

“The ideas [for Watson] won’t just come from within IBM,” Saxena says. “We want to let the best and the brightest innovate.”

In addition to Welltok, Saxena’s fund has already made three other Watson-focused investments, though he declined to give names. At least initially, both Saxena and IBM’s funds will focus on companies that serve the health care, retail, travel, financial services, and legal industries.

IBM continues to have big hopes for Watson. Just last month, the company announced it would invest more than $1 billion to create the Watson Group, dedicating 2,000 employees to commercializing the technology. Last November, it opened up its “Watson Developers Cloud,” giving third parties access to its software development tools. And CEO Ginni Rometty has said the technology will usher in a new era of computing – yes, one as big as mainframes and PCs.

MORE: Could Watson and Siri love like Her’s Samantha?

But unlike platforms like Google’s (GOOG) Android or Apple’s (AAPL) iOS, IBM’s Watson will likely take many more years to become mainstream, if it ever does. Just “teaching” Watson — a.k.a. feeding it mountains of data — can be costly and time-consuming. With that said, funds that focus heavily on investing in these kinds of applications should help speed things along. (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ iFund, a $100 million fund focused on investing in iPhone apps, certainly didn’t hurt Apple’s ecosystem when it launched back in 2008.)

IBM has said it expects Watson and other business analytics products will help bring in $20 billion in revenue by 2015. If that’s the case, then the company — and Saxena — will soon have much more than a Jeopardy! championship to tout.

Data Analysis Services India

Data Analysis Services India
Data analysis service in India is a crucial part of market research which is extremely important for organizations so that insights can be gained and business strategies and strategic policies are made and designed. Moreover, a fundamental part of BPO in India, data analysis can truly be considered a segment which has lots of scope in terms of revenue and employment opportunities. When the globalization process is enabling companies in the USA to outsource their work to companies located in Asia to reduce cost, India can cash in on the opportunity.

Data analysis is applied for certain industries depending upon the requirement. As most of the companies either do not have trained human resource or technology to do data analysis, they outsource the same to BPO companies which specialize in the segment; in the process, the two organizations benefit. Whereas the client firm gets attractively competent data analysis services from BPO firm, the BPO firm specializes in data analysis which helps in knowing the segment in the most sophisticated and articulated manner.

There are some sectors which specifically require data analysis and one of them is BSFI. Data analysis helps banks not only to reduce customer acquisition cost but also derive more mileage from existing customers. Additionally, with the help of data analytic the formation of statistical score cards is made possible which contribute for appraisal of credit risk. The fair appraisal of credit risk helps in quick response time in the entire evaluation process.

Similarly, there is huge business prospect in Market Research Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Sector wherein the optimization of inventory and stocking levels and logistics is done so that enhanced results can be gotten through. Data analysis is essential for demand forecast, optimization and reporting, yield analysis, etc. Additionally, it can be used to do waste control, and understand operator/shift performance, as well as know quality control metrics involved in the production process.

A recent development has been in data analysis software which not only speeds up and livens up the coding process, but also provides a complex way of looking at the relationships in the data. The data analysis software provides a formal structure for writing and storing various memos which can be used to develop the analysis. Similarly, the same can be used to get conceptual and theoretical thinking about the data.

The data analysis software are being used heavily in marketing research, ethnography, etc. to have broad understanding and linear thinking. Moreover, whereas some leading data analysis software such as NVivo, Atlas.ti, HyperRESEARCH, MAXqda V2, XSight, QDAMiner, Qualrus, etc. provide effective and suitable solutions, they also help users receive in depth analysis in various fields to meet out various objectives and challenges.

Data Analysis Services India | Data Analysis

Application Of High

Application Of High

appliance industry The desire Internet TV , Set-top boxes and Commander thousand dollars into a killer price

Triple play against the background of the traditional

DVD Washer Enterprises have begun to look from the Siding

Blu-ray Turned to the Internet properties with a strong high-definition DVD player market. Yesterday, the HD DVD player Industry Alliance

Shenzhen Set up, which means that HD DVD player industry has begun to turn Internet applications.

HD DVD players by the Industrial Union, Malata, ECS, strange sound and co-sponsored the establishment of REALTEK. At the launching ceremony, the companies jointly exhibited upcoming HD Internet player. In addition to both VCD and DVD of all of the features, the new HD DVD players can play through the regular TV network TV programs directly to realize the effect of non-disc player. Industry Alliance Secretary-General, Malata, chairman of Hui-day for such Internet-based HD DVD player’s win seemed confident, he said the first year

Sell Volume is expected to more than 100 million units, the market is very big.

Is so confident of their killer, or price. “600-1000 yuan, the most expensive nor more than 1500 yuan.” A union insider disclosed to the media and, more importantly, its high-definition programming through the Internet to see now free of charge. HD content is provided by the Thunder to, and in the future “there will be more content providers to join.”

Industry believes that the advent of high-definition Internet players, is triple play to the HD industry, the direct “dividend.”

In the triple play on the agenda before the troubles due to core technology, domestic enterprises are facing a huge DVD patent licensing fees, a large number of VCD, DVD and even unbearable the burden of enterprises, have chosen to bankruptcy or restructuring, and in this period, including the love of the last century, more than 90 years, including many well-known washer was very famous companies have disappeared.

China Electronic Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Chen Lixin, China’s electronic products manufacturing country, China’s DVD output in 2009 up to 1.2 million units, 80% of the DVD so have the “Made in China” label, but the lack of core technology serious challenges facing the industrial upgrading.

Some analysts believe that the current Malata, ECS and the odd sound reason why the introduction of Internet-based companies such as HD DVD players, is also largely a “survival curve” and effective way, with the high level of copyright to die before tax, not as good as the machine through the triple play, active open a new path, bypassing the Blu-ray high-definition network DVD player in the field shift.

However, some industry experts believe that, although no doubt the product market space, but in reality, the integration of three networks of resources, the aspect of television to the Internet,

Flat Panel TV

Manufacturers, TV set-top box makers have been wrestling constantly, now player trades to come to camp this competition, and this project have been waiting for the release of relevant national policies, who gets the final too early.

“In fact, both the television Ye Hao, HD disc players or just the set-top boxes worth mentioning, these are terminal. Terminal manufacturers are trying to join forces with some of their own resources to integrate the production chain, it was a melee. But it all depends’ Team ‘Radio and Television Department’s glance. “the expert says.

I am an expert from Mp3 Player Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as quanzhou fujian , black currant tea.

Open Source Business Model

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