Review: Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson 1.7 th/s Bitcoin Miner Small and Powerful

Spondoolies-Tech has been moving very steadily in the Bitcoin mining manufacturer race. CEO Guy Corem has built a top notch team and guided them to the goal of being the best manufacturer making Bitcoin ASIC miners. The introduction of the SP20 Jackson is a welcome change to their line up. The SP20 is a small bread […]

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The best ways to Store Your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin budgets save the personal tricks that you need to access a bitcoin address as well as spend your funds. They are available in various forms, developed for various sorts of device. You can also use paper storage. It is important to safeguard and support your bitcoin budget.

Bitcoins are a contemporary equivalent of money, and also daily, one more merchant accepts them as repayment. We understand just how they are generated, as well as exactly how a bitcoin deal works, however exactly how are they saved? We store cash in a budget, and bitcoin operate in a similar method.

Although you do not technically shop bitcoins anywhere. Exactly what you save are the safe and secure electronic secrets to access your public bitcoin addresses and also sign purchases. This info is kept in a bitcoin purse.

Bitcoin pocketbooks come in a range of types. There are 3 major sorts of purse: desktop, mobile, and also web. Right here’s exactly how they function.
Desktop Bitcoin Pocketbooks

If you have already mounted the initial bitcoin customer (Bitcoin-Qt), then you are running a pocketbook, however might not even know it. Along with delivering purchases on the network, this software also enables you to create a bitcoin address for sending out as well as receiving the online money, and to save the private trick for it. There are other desktop computer pocketbooks, as well, all with various attributes. Multibit operate on Windows, Mac OSX, and also Linux. Hive is an OSX-based purse with some unique features, including an application store that connects directly to bitcoin services, although at the time of writing, this wallet is still in beta testing. Some desktop purses are tailored for safety and security. Armory comes under this category. Others concentrate on privacy. DarkWallet– a product still in development– will certainly focus on anonymity, utilizing a light in weight internet browser plug-in to give services including coin ‘combining’ where users’ coins are traded for others’, to avoid individuals tracking them.

On Your Cellphone

Desktop-based pocketbooks are all effectively, but they aren’t quite valuable if you are out on the road, trying to pay for something in a bodily establishment. This is where a mobile purse can be found in useful. Running as an application on your smartphone, the wallet could store the personal tricks for your bitcoin addresses, as well as enable you to pay for things directly with your phone. Sometimes, a bitcoin purse will also make use of a mobile phone’s close to area communication (NFC) function, enabling you to touch the phone versus a visitor, and also pay with bitcoins without having to enter into any type of info whatsoever.

One typical function of mobile pocketbooks is that they are not complete bitcoin clients. A full bitcoin customer needs to download and install the whole bitcoin block chain, which is consistently increasing and also is a number of gigabytes in dimension. That might acquire you into a lot of difficulty with your mobile service provider, who will be just also happy to send you a sizable costs for downloading over a cellular web link. Several phones wouldn’t be able to hold the block chain in their memory, all the same.

Instead, these mobile customers are frequently made with simplified payment confirmation (SPV) in thoughts. They download and install a quite tiny subset of the block chain, as well as depend on other, relied on nodes in the bitcoin network to guarantee that they have the right information.

Examples of mobile wallets consist of the Android-based Bitcoin purse, Mycelium, and also Blockchain (which keeps your bitcoins encrypted on your phone, as well as backed up on a web-based web server). Some have unique functions distinct to them. Kipochi, for example, allows individuals use their phone numbers as their bitcoin addresses. Apple is infamously paranoid about bitcoin budgets. Blockchain states that its iOS wallet variation has actually restricted features, and Coinbase had its mobile pocketbook app pulled from the application shop altogether.

Online Bitcoin Wallets

Online purses store your exclusive tricks online, on a computer system regulated by someone else and also hooked up to the Web. Several such online solutions are offered, and several of them associated with mobile and also desktop pocketbooks, reproducing your addresses in between various devices that you have.

One advantage of a web-based purse is that you can access it from anywhere, despite which device you are utilizing. Nevertheless, it also has a major drawback: unless applied properly, it could place the organisation running the web site accountable of your exclusive tricks, basically taking your bitcoins out of your control. That’s a frightening idea, specifically if you begin accumulating great deals of bitcoins. Coinbase, an incorporated wallet/bitcoin vendor operates its online budget around the world but only permits folks to acquire bitcoins in the United States. Blockchain additionally hosts a web-based purse, and Strongcoin offers what it calls a hybrid wallet, which lets you encrypt your exclusive address keys prior to sending them to its servers, by securing it in the web browser.

Are Bitcoin Purses Safe?

It depends how you handle them. The private tricks stored in your purse are the only means to access the purchase information saved in a bitcoin address. If you shed them, you lose your bitcoins. So, they are simply risk-free insofar as no person else could access them, and also they don’t get shed.
So Exactly how Can I Secure My Budget?

There are several ways to make your bitcoin purse much more secure:

Secure it

One means to safeguard your pocketbook from spying eyes is to encrypt it with a sturdy password. This makes it challenging to access your budget, yet possible. If your computer system is jeopardized by malware, thieves can log your keystrokes to locate your password.

Back it Up

If you only have your personal tricks kept in one budget, then if you shed that purse or it gets damaged, then you’ve lost your keys. Backing up your budget makes a copy of your private secrets, yet it is very important to back up your entire pocketbook. Some addresses are made use of to save modification from deals, as well as may not be suggested to you by default. Back the whole thing up in many various areas, and also keep them secure from spying eyes.

Take it Offline

If you are also stressed to keep your bitcoin tricks digitally, for anxiety that they may be stolen by hackers, there is another choice: chilly storage space. Cold storage space pocketbooks save exclusive bitcoin keys offline, to ensure that they cannot be stolen by someone else on the net.

It’s a good idea to use cool storage for the mass of your bitcoin fortune, as well as transfer just a little to separate bitcoin addresses in a ‘very hot’ purse with an Internet link, making it simple to spend. In this way, even if your mobile phone is shed, or the hot wallet on your notebook PC is gotten rid of throughout a hard disk accident, simply a percentage of bitcoin cash is at risk.

Several software bitcoin pocketbooks feature a cold storage choice. Or, you can go totally analog, as well as just use paper for offline storage through a paper budget.

There are numerous sites supplying paper bitcoin pocketbook services. They will create a bitcoin address for you and develop a picture consisting of 2 QR codes: one is the public address that you could make use of to receive bitcoins. The various other is the private trick, which you could utilize to spend bitcoins stored at that address.
The Future of Bitcoin Storage space

Some folks are creating hardware budgets which are developed to hold personal tricks online and also help with repayments. Trezor as well as Mycelium are 2 key players. Nonetheless, as of Nov 2013 neither of them had delivered products.

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Newegg Bitcoin Only Deals to Look For On Bitcoin Black Friday

Newegg is celebrating Bitcoin Black Friday with special Newegg Bitcoin only deals which highlight Bitcoin’s superiority as a medium of exchange. Since starting to accept Bitcoin in the summer of 2014, Newegg has quickly warmed up to the Bitcoin community. Back in July, Newegg offered 10% off to users paying in Bitcoin for an entire […]

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Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies


The term ‘cryptocurrency’ refers to online or digital cash that can be traded online for goods as well as solutions.

While this might appear dangerous by itself, cryptocurrencies are called such because they are safeguarded making use of cryptography (translated into an essentially solid code) and traded over peer-to-peer networks (file-sharing straight in between celebrations).

Using public and also exclusive tricks is applied to securely move the currency from one celebration to an additional.

When you own cryptocurrency, it behaves much like gold– that is, it has value similarly physical cash does. Much like bodily money, cryptocurrencies are subject to fluctuations in value.

The very first as well as most prominent instance of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2009. Based upon its popularity, numerous alternate cryptocurrencies have entered circulation since then.

Some of the most prominent among them consist of Namecoin, Peercoin, and Litecoin.

A lot of manufacturers will decline Bitcoin or any type of cryptocurrency as payment, nonetheless, the rise in popularity has viewed a variety of online firms start to acknowledge Bitcoin as a viable choice, such as,, and also


Similar to the majority of internet experiences, cryptocurrencies have their doubters. Being anonymous and practically untraceable, they come to be an easy technique for criminals to make prohibited transactions, such as the purchase of illegal compounds and also hazardous services.

One of the most significant example of this was Silk Road, an online underground market that used Bitcoin as currency. When it was finally closed down in 2013, the FBI confiscated 144,000 bitcoins (worth roughly $28 million).

While cryptocurrencies themselves are intensely shielded, it’s still possible to lose your entire digital lot of money. Merely losing a password or shedding access to your online budget can result in the effective deficiency of your cryptocurrency.

Being a decentralised system of exchange, such points are not safeguarded under insurance provider; users accountable for their own security.


Being digital money and also consequently dispersed online as opposed to in any physical kind, cryptocurrencies are not associateded with any type of one nation.

Because of this, their value could not be had an effect on by a centralised financial institution. Their worth is commonly established by supply and also demand (basically, the amount of individuals want to pay for them). Some see this as a change in power from the government as well as economic establishments, back to individuals; nevertheless, it’s not unusual for mainstream users to locate the absence of rule behind cryptocurrencies to be upsetting.

Unlike regular financial purchases, cryptocurrency does not produce deal costs, and, as it is not checked by a 3rd party, it does not have a taxation system in place. Moreover, as soon as a transaction has occurred, it can not be reversed or traced back.

The online budgets which contain Bitcoins are private: Unless one chooses to make their online pocketbook public, no-one can see the number of Bitcoins they have.

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing means of transaction that makes it possible for customers to continue to be completely anon

ymous whilst acquiring products online. Whilst it has both advantages and also drawbacks, it’s showing no sign of decreasing and also is rapidly becoming a much more traditional method of payment.

Crypto currencies


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Meet SaruTobi, the flying bitcoin collecting monkey


In this interview, we speak to Christian Moss of indie game developers, Mandel Duck, about their upcoming game SaruTobi. This is due for release in mid/late November on iOS devices.

You are Tobi, a monkey living in a jungle. You must swing from your vine, building up momentum before releasing yourself to fly across the retro 8-bit jungle landscape, collecting power-ups to increase your distance and bitcoin tokens as you careen through the air. The game has three main goals – getting the furthest distance, collecting bitcoin tokens to be spent on items, and collecting the letters SARUTOBI to unlock a big coin boost to spend on in-game items.

The gameplay reminds me a lot of the Yeti Sports series of games, and from the videos it looks like a simple, fun game. So I had a chat on Skype with Christian about the game, to find out more about why bitcoin is in the game in the first place, and to see what other plans he has, if any, to utilise bitcoin further in the game.

Jamie McCormick (JMC): So first off, can you tell us a little about SaruTobi? Where does the name come from?

Christian Moss (CM): I have been making games for iOS for the past few years; however they have always been quite complex, in-depth games. SaruTobi was an attempt to make a very simple/addictive game in SWIFT, which I think is a good combination for the mobile platform.

The name SaruTobi is literally Japanese for “Monkey Fly,” and that pretty much sums up the game play; you need to swing a monkey on his vine, build up speed, and see how far he can fly through the air.

JMC: What can SaruTobi do with the bitcoin he collects in the game? Buy bananas?

CM: At the moment Tobi needs to collect bitcoin to buy extra power ups such as rockets and spring boots which will propel him further, but in the future hopefully we can allow the user to earn actual bitcoin.

JMC: How many levels does it have?

CM: SaruTobi is an endless game so it only has one level, and the aim of the game is to swing as far as you can, competing with friends to beat each other’s maximum distance.

JMC: What else can you collect? And what are the items in the game?

CM: The plan for the moment is to get the furthest in the game. There is a second task, which is to collect the letters SARUTOBI; I got the idea from Donkey Kong Country. You can collect them over a few gameplay sessions, as they are spread out sequentially across the map. Getting them all gives you a hefty bonus, which would let you turn off ads, and get enough rockets to last you a while! You can buy bundles of coins via an in-app purchase, though. For future updates, I’d love to try and work bitcoin into the game using donations I receive, but as far as gameplay goes, I now want to get some user feedback and take it from there.

The game does feature ads, which you can disable by earning 90 bitcoin. Each token you collect in the game is worth one bitcoin, so depending on how good you are, it won’t take you too long to do this. I want people to enjoy the game and not be stuck with ads forever, so I have made it reasonable to get rid of them in an achievable timeframe.

JMC: What’s your own high score? And how did you get it?

CM: My current high score is 3,964 meters. As Tobi flies through the air, you can catch rocket power ups mid-flight, which give you a large distance boost. In my case, he swung through the air and I got my angle right, as at the apex he caught a rocket which boosted him for miles. The positions of the rockets change randomly, and you can’t see where they are. I am interested to see how far other players can prove the limit to be, especially if they can do the same with springs or hitting a banana skin on landing.

JMC: What was the hardest thing to develop into the game?

CM: The most difficult thing to develop was getting the physics right. The physics of swinging on a rope are quite different to what you’d expect, so when you’re swinging as Tobi, getting this feeling right took some time. The first time we modeled a rope properly, but we couldn’t get any momentum up, and if you boosted at the wrong time you’d lose all your momentum. So we had to simplify this to get it right.

JMC: Why have you given Tobi the task of collecting bitcoin instead of something else?

CM: Why not? I planned to implement an in-game currency when it suddenly dawned on me to use bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a stateless currency and therefore is perfect for international use, I guess you could call it the people’s currency – a player in Africa is going to feel just as at home with it as a player in America or the UK. Although bitcoin is becoming more mainstream, the vast majority of people are still very unfamiliar with it. I’m hoping by working bitcoin into popular games, it can help raise public awareness and get people to start looking into the crypto currency.

Lastly, using bitcoin in your game can open up a range of features that is currently not possible with conventional payment systems.

JMC: Are players able to make purchases in-game with bitcoin, or earn bitcoin from playing it?

CM: This is where we would like to go. Currently Apple has been very strict with regards to bitcoin and its usage – specifically, in-app purchases must use Apple’s framework so they can receive 30%. However, this does not seem to apply to donations, and hopefully before Christmas we will implement some kind of real bitcoin transacting with the game. This may allow users to donate bitcoin to be held in the game address; the best players may be able to receive bitcoin as a reward for getting a highscore, etc.

JMC: Do you have plans to further develop the game?

CM: At the moment the game only uses bitcoin in name only, and the coins you collect are completely in-game. However, we have plans to allow the user to collect/earn actual bitcoin, which I believe is made possible with the use of micro transactions, a concept that only bitcoin allows developers to do, i.e., for every coin a user collects he can receive 1 bit to their address.

JMC: Do you have any plans to release the game on other platforms?

CM: Most definitely. Apple are very strict with bitcoin, and other platforms such as Android are completely open. However, I am a strong believer that we can’t leave iOS users behind. Earlier this year when Apple banned bitcoin wallet apps, our app “Bity” was the only Apple approved app that allowed bitcoin transactions; shortly after its release Apple opened the flood gates, retracting its restriction against such apps. We hope we can do something similar with SaruTobi.

We are currently seeking extra funding to recruit an Android and HTML 5 developer so we can bring the game to other platforms, and have the wallet 1DUuk9AvMzBbsdazNTQsyVCy1xX2GdnSK4 set up for this.

JMC: Your team is spread across the UK, Australia and Japan; how does that work out?

CM: One of the advantages with creating 2D physics games is they don’t require a big team; it’s very easy to [develop] the game with one or two people. Currently I perform the majority of the coding whilst I have a few illustrators in the UK and Japan who I can work with for design.

JMC: Do you have a personal interest in bitcoin?

CM: I have a miner in the corner of my apartment. I started out of interest because the company I work for made a bitcoin related app. I then bought some bitcoin and used this to purchase a miner from Butterfly Labs. It was a 25ghs miner, which I overclocked up to 30ghs. I ordered in December 2013 from stock. It was profitable for a while, just about made the bitcoin back I put in. I then pre-ordered a Monarch miner and cloud mining service. These never came. Butterfly Labs refunded me based on the dollar price, so I actually got refunded more bitcoin than I originally spent, as the price had changed from $ 1000 to $ 400 between the two times.

JMC: What led you to combine your interest in games with your interest in bitcoin?

CM: Bity is still doing well, and more aimed at people with paper wallets and bitcoin in cold storage. But I can’t compete with big payment players in the field. Games are how I started with iOS development, and Apple released SWIFT in September, which I had to learn for my job.  So I made a few games, and I wanted to make a simple addictive game, and was thinking I could put some sort of coin in there. And if I’m going to use any coin, why not use bitcoin.

If the app was popular and people were playing it, they could learn about bitcoin as there’s a link to send to the about bitcoin section on, to help it get into the mainstream. I’m not sure how Apple will take it, but after the game is approved, I’ll see what I can get away with. At the moment in iOS apps, it’s impossible to charge anything less than about a dollar, and Apple takes 30% of this automatically. But I thought that in SaruTobi, once it’s up and running, I can take donations, and then in a later update, redistribute them by giving satoshi to do tasks and collecting coins in-game, and it potentially could open up some new features that the games scene hasn’t seen before. The whole concept of micropayments and the tipping scene is very interesting to me.

I found with Bity that I did quite well with optional donations. I was surprised by how many people sent me donations; one person even sent me about $ 2,000 dollars worth of bitcoin out of the blue!

JMC: If someone wanted to put ads for bitcoin products in the game, could they?

CM: We use iAds at the moment, but if people wanted to advertise their product in the game, it’s technically possible after discussions with the right people! I have done it for some of my older apps, and would be happy to do it again.

JMC: Finally, do you have any messages to Bitcoin Magazine readers

It’s slated for release in mid-late November. If you want to be notified of the release, you can follow us on

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American Red Cross to Accept Bitcoin Donations Through BitPay

As Black Friday and Bitcoin Black Friday get closer, shoppers around the world can’t wait to score amazing deals this holiday season. However, the holiday season isn’t just about spending, but also about giving back to the community. And now, starting this Friday, with the support of BitPay, consumers will be able to make bitcoin donations […]

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We are happy to announce, just in time for Giving Tuesday, that the Ronald McDonald House of the Capital Region is the first charity in Upstate NY to accept Bitcoin donations!


PRESS RELEASE – 11/20/14

Albany, New York - Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region is making history by heading down technology lane and becoming the first local charity in Upstate New York to accept Bitcoin donations. They will partner with Bitcoin processing giant BitPay to handle their transactions, and the NY Bitcoin Group will help them get started.

“We are very excited to have our local Ronald McDonald House be the first chapter in the United States to start accepting a digital currency for donations. Bitcoin gives us the ability to send a nickel, a dime, or any other denomination, without the charity getting charged a fee, as they would using with other payment networks,” said Paul Paterakis, a member of the NY Bitcoin Group.

Elizabeth Ploshay of BitPay added, “In other words, through BitPay, they get 100% of the donation, as they would with cash, but unlike with cash, they can now receive donations from anywhere in the world, instantly.” BitPay is the lead global Bitcoin payment processor making donation functionality possible.

Currently, a few other charitable organizations in the United States and around the world accept Bitcoin, including the United Way and Greenpeace USA.

Paterakis said, “This will go down as a historic moment for Ronald McDonald House in Albany. People can be afraid to be the first when it comes to change, but sometimes the first to act are the most rewarded. I believe that will be the case here. The Bitcoin community is generous and I personally plan on matching up to $ 500 in Bitcoin donations to show my support. Any time I have a quarter or two sitting in my digital wallet, I’ll send it over.”


NY Bitcoin Group ( was founded in June 2014 by Bitcoin enthusiasts from different industry sectors. Their goal is to promote Bitcoin and educate businesses within the Capital Region on setting up Bitcoin as a form of payment.

BitPay ( is the largest global Bitcoin payment service provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. BitPay provides payment processing services for more than 40,000 businesses and processed over $ 100 million USD worth of Bitcoin transactions in 2013. In 2014, BitPay started processing $ 1 million USD daily.

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